2-4cm White Duck Feather Pillow, Mattress, Cushion Filling

Short Description:

Down feathers. It refers to a kind of down between the positive feather and the down feather, also known as the half down feather. The upper part is the feather and the lower part is the down feather.

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Size generally:

Duck Feather

white, grey

2-4 cm, 4-6 cm

Packing method:

Place of Origin:


compress 4-5 packs into a bundle

Anhui, China

Relatively soft and comfortable, with stems

Scope of application:

Down content:

Delivery time:

pillows, cushions, mattresses and other filling materials

5% or less

within 15 days or as agreed in the contract

Supply capacity:

Single minimum order quantity:

Storage matters:

500 tons per month

5 tons

moisture-proof, fire-proof, ventilated, cool and dry place

Reference price (FOB):

Shipping method:

Sample description:

1490-2238 US dollars per ton (the actual price fluctuates according to the market)

by sea

500-1000 grams can be provided free of charge (courier fee is at your own expense)



The mechanical equipment processed and arranged by machine includes: pre-Splitter, ash removal machine, feather separator, feather washing machine, dehydrator, feather drying machine, cooling machine, bag brushing machine, baling machine, etc. and their supporting feather adding machine, vacuum Boxes, vacuum cleaners, electric control boxes, etc.


Manufacturing Processes

(1) General process flow of machine processing down
1) Pre-separation: Use a pre-Splitter to remove the sundries mixed in the down.
2) Ash removal: use a deasher to deash the pre-Splitter feathers.
3) Feather separation: Use a feather separation machine to separate the ash-removed feathers into down, large, medium and small feather pieces, and large and small wing stems.
4) Washing feathers: Use a feather washing machine to clean feathers, and down cleaning agent must be added to remove grease, dust and odor.
5) Dehydration: Dry the cleaned feathers with a dehydrator.
6) Drying feathers: Use a feather dryer to further dry the dehydrated feathers, and play the role of deodorization and disinfection.
7) Cooling: Use a cooler to cool and dry the feathers, and play the role of ash removal again.
8) Inspection: Quality inspection of the classified products after drying.
9) Packaging: Use a baler to pack the down and down that has passed the inspection by variety, and pack and store for later use.

(2) The process of manual processing of down
1) Pick feathers: remove debris, shake off dust, and sort feathers.
2) Wash feathers; wash all kinds of feathers with warm water with detergent to remove grease and dirt, and then rinse with clean water. When washing, it is not advisable to twist and twist too much to prevent damage to the feathers.
3) Disinfection: The washed down is disinfected with disinfectant.
4) Steaming: Sterilized down is steamed in a steamer and a steamer for half an hour.
(3) Matters needing attention:
The water for washing down must be neutral soft water, groundwater, or mineral pump water. It can only be used after checking and meeting the requirements. Detergent dosage standard 1% to 2%.



Duck feather pillow


 Duck feather cushion


Duck feather pad

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