2-4CM&4-6CM White Goose Soft Feather Down Comforter Pillow Quilt

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Goose feathers are the feathers of the duck family goose Anser cygnoides orientalis (L.).
In China, there are more breeding in East China and South China.
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White goose down



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PS:Samples can be provided, and the courier fee is at your own expense. The sample is generally about 1000 grams.


Brief Introduction Of Goose Feather

The main difference between goose feather flakes and goose down lies in different uses and different parts.
Different uses: goose feather pieces are generally used to fill pillows, cushions, mattresses, and goose down is used for duvets, down jackets, etc.
Different parts: Goose feather pieces will have some stems and down, while goose down is a piece of down under the goose belly. Most goose down is stuffed into something to keep you warm.
Among the various insulation materials, down is undoubtedly superior because of its soft structure and can be folded very small, but the quality of down varies, and only high-quality down can have these advantages.


Uses Of Goose Feathers

What does goose feather do? Of course, it is to make goose feather fans. You can see why Zhuge Liang is so powerful. That is because goose feather fans are always in hand throughout the year. If it is a chicken feather fan, the effect will be greatly reduced. Only goose feather fans can be refreshing. Function, just kidding, in fact, goose feathers have a lot of functions. Making goose feather fans is just one way to use the longest goose feathers. Goose feathers have many uses and are widely used.

In China, goose feathers are most commonly used to treat diseases. Goose feathers are feathers that can be used as medicine. Goose feathers are mainly used for carbuncle, scabies, scrofula, choking and epilepsy. It can be taken internally after being calcined into powder, or applied externally after being burned into ashes. It is a common treatment for a wide range of treatments.

Goose feather has no peculiar smell and is a very good thermal insulation material. It is widely used as a filler for clothing and bedding. Goose down and goose feather have many advantages such as large down, good softness, high hollowness, etc. It is a kind of excellent thermal insulation. Good feathers without odor.

Sports badminton, goose feather is the best material, the most widely used badminton, goose feather has an irreplaceable role, like some other bird feathers, no matter the toughness and flexibility are not comparable to goose feather .



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