625-700-800 Fill Power White Duck Down 80-90-95%

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Down jackets are warm, light and comfortable.
Do you know the meaning of 70%, 80%, 90%, 95% on clothing washing labels?
These numbers are actually related to a very important down indicator – down content.

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The most common down jackets on the market can be divided into 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down, so do you know the difference between 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down? In fact, the difference between 80 down and 90 down is mainly divided into three aspects. First, the warmth is different, the second is the lightness, and the price is different. Let us understand it in detail.


1.Different Down Clusters
80 The down content of white duck down only accounts for 80%, of which 20% are feathers. The down content of 90 white duck down has reached 90%, of which only 10% are feathers. Therefore, under the same weight, the overall down content of 80 white duck down is lower than that of 90 white duck down, and the natural warmth retention will be worse.625, 700, 800 Fill Power, which is another very important parameter of down. Likewise, bigger is better. This means that the bigger the value for the same weight, the bigger the volume, the less down you need to fill and the warmer you are.
2. Different bulkiness
80 down and 90 down refer to the content of down in the down jacket filling. Naturally, the higher the proportion of down, the stronger the bulkiness. The more bulky the down jacket, the better the elasticity, and the lighter and warmer it is to wear. Therefore, the down jacket with 80 down has a bulkiness that is not as good as that of 90 white duck down. Because the 90 white duck down has better down content, it will naturally be more fluffy, lighter and more elastic.


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3. Different price positioning
Under the premise of the same quality, there is still a certain gap in the price positioning of down jackets of 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down. That is to say, under the same quality, the price of 80 white duck down is slightly cheaper, and the price of 90 down is slightly more expensive. Of course, the difference here is not particularly obvious, but if it is a down jacket of the same quality and brand, between 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down, you can clearly see the price difference.





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