90% Premium Washed Grey Duck Down From China

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The grey duck has a long breeding cycle, the grey duck down has long silk, large down buds, high bulkiness and low odor.

The quality of grey duck down is better than that of white duck down, and the price is lower than that of white duck down.

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Market Usage Analysis

In today's China, most consumers like white duck down and think that white duck down has a whiter, more beautiful appearance and higher quality than grey duck down. The appearance of down and down is actually a big misunderstanding of down consumption.
It is an obvious fact that buyers from European and American countries with a consumption history of down products for more than a hundred years purchase and use grey duck down in large quantities in China. When you go to the mall to look at Nike, Adidas, down jackets from the north, and even Canada goose, which is highly sought after by the Chinese, the fillings on the labels are mostly gray duck down.

Why is this? The answer behind it may surprise many people. Ordinary gray duck down is lower in price than ordinary white duck down, but higher in quality. European and American buyers favor gray duck down, which is a pragmatic and connoisseur's choice.
There are two main reasons for the high price of white duck down. The white duck down market is highly concentrated and has a wide range of applications.

Let's talk about the high concentration of the white duck down market. Cherry Valley White Duck, which occupies more than 80% of the market share of white ducks in China. Cherry Valley white ducks are mainly farmed on a large scale in modern farms, and three major duck breeding giants have been formed: New Hope Liuhe, Yike Group and Huaying Agriculture. According to the public data of New Hope Liuhe Group in 2019, the annual output of white ducks in 2018 was 700 million, and the raw materials of down accounted for 30% of the country and 24% of the global market. The three major duck-raising giants have firmly controlled more than half of the country's raw wool market share. It is self-evident that they have a certain monopoly pricing power. Economics tells us that only monopoly can bring excess profits.

Grey Duck 1 1

The gray duck is genetically different from the Cherry Valley White Duck. It eats no less than the Cherry Valley White Duck, but has less meat than the Cherry Valley White Duck. Compared with the Cherry Valley White Duck, its taste has no significant advantages. The investment in raising the Gray Duck is high. In the end, there are no farms willing to breed on a large scale. Only farmers all over the country carry out free-range breeding. The free-range grey ducks eventually flow into the local farmers' markets and are slaughtered. The grey duck feathers can only be collected by feather traders. It is impossible to form a market monopoly on gray duck feathers, and eventually a market pattern of scattered and fully competitive gray duck feathers has been formed. Naturally, its price is completely determined by the relationship between market supply and demand. Economics tells us that a perfectly competitive market ultimately has zero profit.

Businesses that do not have a monopoly on grey duck down will naturally not be able to obtain the monopoly price of white duck down. It is not surprising that the price is lower than that of white duck down.

Practical Analysis

In recent years, light-colored down jackets have been favored by the fashion industry. If light-colored down jacket fabrics are matched with gray duck down, the color of gray duck down can still be seen through the fabric. It looks not only a little gray, but also a little dirty. It is necessary to use Cherry Valley white duck down to make the down jacket look better. White duck down has a high appearance, does not choose the color of the fabric, and has a wider range of applications, winning the favor of down jacket brands; gray duck down has a low appearance and can only be used on dark fabrics, which is naturally ignored by down jacket brands.

The quality of duck down is mainly determined by the breeding environment and breeding cycle of the duck. Whether it is the breeding environment or the breeding cycle, the grey duck is a complete victory.

Grey Duck 2 2

First look at the breeding environment. Grey ducks are mainly raised by farmers in free-range farming. Grey ducks have sufficient grazing time and water bathing conditions, and their feathers are relatively clean; while the mainstream Cherry Valley white ducks in the market are farmed in large-scale cages or sheds, with high breeding density. And there is basically no water bath conditions, and the feathers have a strong smell. This is also the main reason why white duck down smells stronger than grey duck down.

Grey ducks 1

Look at the breeding cycle. According to the growth and development law of ducks, ducks are about 50 days old, and the yield of duck down is more and of good quality; when ducks are 30 to 45 days old, duck down is less and the quality is poor. The free-range grey ducks raised by farmers generally have a breeding period of more than 50 days. At this time, the duck meat tastes good and the selling price is relatively high; while the large-scale breeding of cherry valley white ducks is basically concentrated at 38-42 days old. The author has collected a lot of data on the number of 0.1g down buds of white duck down and gray duck down. The average number of down buds in 0.1 g of white duck down is 470, and the average number of down buds in 0.1 g of gray duck down is 300, which is the average of gray duck down. The weight is 1.5 times that of the white duck down. The simple understanding is that the gray duck down is half the volume of the white duck down.

The grey duck has a long breeding cycle. The grey duck down has long silk, large down buds, high bulkiness and low odor. The quality of grey duck down is better than that of white duck down, and the price is lower than that of white duck down. European and American buyers who understand down and are pragmatic are naturally smiling. , buy and buy grey duck down in the Chinese market.




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