Custom Wholesale 90%-95% White Duck Down Jacket Filler

Short Description:

Duck down is the feathers that grow on the abdomen of ducks and form reed flower-like feathers.

Since down is an animal protein fiber, the spherical fibers are densely covered with thousands of small triangular pores, which can shrink and expand with the change of temperature, and have the function of temperature regulation.

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Diameter of down:

White Duck Down



Packing method:

Place of Origin:


compress 4-5 packs into a bundle

Hefei,Anhui, China

Light, soft and comfortable

Scope of application:

Down content:

Delivery time:

Down jacket, duvet filling material

90-95%(According to customer needs)

within 20 days or as agreed in the contract

Supply capacity:

Single minimum order quantity:

Storage matters:

200 tons per month


moisture-proof, fire-proof, ventilated, cool and dry place

Reference price (FOB):

Shipping method:

Sample description:

$40-50 per kg (actual price fluctuates according to the market)

By sea

200-300 grams can be provided free of charge (courier fee is at your own expense)


Advantages Of Duck Down

Duck down is very fluffy and holds a lot of air in the middle, preventing air movement and heat loss. At the same time, duck down itself has poor thermal conductivity, preventing heat loss caused by heat conduction. Therefore, duck down has very good thermal insulation properties.
Because ducks have two kinds of feathers, the outer layer is outer feathers, and there is a layer of grease on the surface to prevent the inner feathers from being wet by water when the duck goes into the water! And protection! The inside is called duck down, which is mainly used for heat preservation. They are fine and dense, and they are very light! Make it difficult for cold air to enter, and body temperature will not be lost naturally! So very warm.


Duck down processing process: washing and disinfection, dehydration, drying, cooling, packaging and storage.





Down pillow


Down jacket

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