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The main difference between gray goose down and white goose down is that the color is different.

Gray goose down is gray, while white goose down is white.

The thermal properties of these two kinds of goose down are the same.

Because white goose down has a wider range of applications.

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The difference between grey goose down and white goose down

1. The colors are different. When filling the clothes with down, in order to prevent the inner color from showing through, the down jackets of light-colored fabrics will be filled with white goose down, and the down jackets of dark fabrics will be filled with gray goose down.

2. Different prices, the price of white goose down is more expensive, because white goose down can be widely used in light-colored duvets and down jackets, while gray goose down can only be used in dark-colored duvets or down jackets.

3. Different uses. Down jackets with light-colored fabrics should be filled with white goose down, and down jackets with dark fabrics should be filled with gray goose down. When the number of layers of inner liner is relatively small, white goose down should be used to avoid filling. The phenomenon of material translucent appears.


4. Warmth, white goose down and grey goose down are almost the same in heat preservation. The heat preservation of goose down does not depend on the color, but mainly depends on the density of the inner structure of the down and the fineness of the down fiber, so there are two kinds of gray and white. There is no such thing as goose down.

Features and advantages and disadvantages of grey goose down

1. Gray goose down is mostly used to keep things warm after filling them, such as goose down quilts, goose down jackets, etc. Among all kinds of thermal insulation materials, the thermal performance of down is the most superior, because its soft structure can be folded very finely, but the quality of down varies greatly, and only high-quality down has these advantages.

2. Gray goose down is better than duck down, because gray goose down has fine, soft and long fiber structure, especially the advantages of long fiber can make it more bulky and warmer.

3. There are three main performance indicators of down. The first is the filling weight, such as 400 grams of gray goose down sleeping bags and 1100 grams of duck down sleeping bags. This weight does not refer to the weight of the sleeping bag, but to the net weight of the filled down. It is composed of feathers and down. The feathers have a supporting function. The warmth mainly comes from fine down. The amount of down is expressed as a percentage. For example, 80 down means that the content of down in 100 weight units is 80 units.

4. The third indicator is the fill power (FP), which refers to how many cubic inches an ounce of down has under 68.4 grams of pressure. The higher the FP of the down, the better the thermal insulation performance of the down. The FP of gray goose down ranges from 550 to 700.


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