Fill Power 700 FP-800 FP White Goose Down 95% For Bedding Or Outdoor Products, etc.

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Usually 105-135 US dollars a kilogram (the actual price is determined according to the market)
It is undeniable that goose down is the most superior among all kinds of thermal insulation materials, all because of its soft structure and can be folded very small, but the quality of goose down is very uneven, only high-quality goose down has these advantages.


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Two Grades Of White Goose Down

1. First class feathers (also called holly feathers)
The annual lunar calendar in the south is from October to March of the next year, and in the north from September to April of the next year. During this period, the feathers are large, the velvet is large and rich, the color is good, the hand feel is soft, the elasticity is strong, the blood vessels are less hairy, and the impurities are less. The feathers are of good quality and the yield is high. The down content is above 20%, and the impurities do not exceed 8%.
2.Secondary feathers (also called summer and autumn feathers)
The wool collected from May to August in the north is called summer and autumn feathers. It has fewer feather pieces, fewer down feathers, more vascular feathers, and more impurities. The quality of the feathers is poor and the yield is low. The general down content is below 20%, impurities no more than 10%, miscellaneous hair below 1%, moisture no more than 13%, flying silk no more than 5% of the down.

Fill Power 450FP 600FP 800FP Abridged General View


FILL POWER (or FILLING POWER), usually referred to as FP, FILL POWER is an important indicator for measuring the warmth of down in the world. Under certain conditions, the value in cubic inches of the volume occupied by each ounce (30 grams) of down is the FILL POWER.

Down Flower Size

1. For geese that have been cultivated for more than one year, the amount of goose down is about 100 to 150 flower per 0.1 gram.
2. For geese that have been cultivated for 6 to 8 months, the amount of goose down is about 200 to 230 flower per 0.1 gram.
3. Goose that has been cultivated for more than 60 days has about 320 to 360 flower goose down per 0.1 gram.
4. For geese that have been cultivated for more than 35 days, the amount of goose down is about 400 to 460 flower per 0.1 gram.
5. The goose that has been cultivated for about 28 days has about 550 to 620 flower goose down per 0.1 gram.



1. The longer the goose breeding time, the bigger the feathers, the more down silk, the longer the down silk, the more ridges and knots of the down silk, and the higher the FP. (Down with a FP of more than 800 is generally selected by hand, so the price is very high, about 150-180 US dollars / kg).
2. The larger the down buds, the more difficult it is to purify because the down filaments are long and the down buds are tightly intertwined with each other. Generally, processing plants can only extract down flower to 86-88 percent. However, to extract a higher down flower content (90~95down flower) requires a very professional down manufacturer to do it.





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