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Does goose down have white goose down and grey goose down?

Is goose down any good? How warm is it? Comprehensive analysis of goose down knowledge.

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White Goose Down



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compress 4-5 packs into a bundle

Hefei,Anhui, China

Light, Soft, Natural, Eco-Friendly

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Down jacket, duvet pillow filling material,

80-90%(According to customer needs)

within 20 days or as agreed in the contract

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Storage matters:

300 tons per month


cool and dry place,

moisture-proof, fire-proof, ventilated,

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$85-95 per kg (actual price fluctuates according to the market)

By sea

200-500 grams can be provided free of charge (courier fee is at your own expense)


Goose Down Color

1. Goose has gray goose and white goose, and goose down is divided into gray goose down and white goose down. The down flower color of the white goose that has been cultivated for more than 60 days is very white, but it cannot be guaranteed that 100% of it is pure white, containing about 0.1% black goose down. This is because the white geese that have been reared for a long time will grow different color goose down on their bodies, just like people will grow white hair when they are old.
2. The down of the goose that has been cultivated for 28 to 35 days is small, there is no black velvet, but the color is yellowish, because the growth time is short, the different-colored velvet does not grow, but there are many immature down, so the color is yellowish and does not reach pure White.

The Difference Between Bleached Down And Natural White Down

1. Natural down is dynamic and shiny, the down whiskers is soft and elastic, and has good fill power.
2. For bleached down, chemical agents are added in the processing process, which damages the oil layer on the surface of natural down, resulting in lack of luster, embrittlement of down whiskers, loss of elasticity, and impact on the down's own fill power. Bleached down has been placed for a long time, the down whiskers will increase, and the content of down will decrease.
A well-known brand in China used bleached down to make ready-to-wear garments. In that year, the down content of 90% was used, the warehousing inspection indicators are all qualified; but the stocked clothes are checked and inspected the next year, and the down content is reduced to 85% Now the yellowish down on the market is basically bleached. The oil layer of this kind of down is destroyed, and it will slowly turn yellow over time.


Fill Power

1. Fill power is a key indicator of down quality. Down products are mainly based on the fluffy effect of the finished product, that is, the degree of expansion; this is destined to be measured by volume instead of weight.
2. When a piece of clothing is filled with 80 grams of down with high fluff, the effect is better than that with 100 grams of down with low bulk. The unit price of down with high fill power is higher than that of down with low fill power, but the amount of down with high fill power is not much more expensive; and the finished product is made of down with high fill power, and it feels much better to the touch.
3. The higher the fill power, the better the quality of down. Japan, where down products are widely used, is the most important indicator of down with the level of fill power.


To process high-quality down, the raw materials must be fresh. The "golden 6 hours" of down means that it only takes 6 hours for the down to go from the slaughtering of the goose to the finished down. This kind of down can achieve first-class quality and complete down whiskers,fewer broken down whiskers, high fill power.



PillowDown jacket





Concluding Remarks

The goose down in the world is obtained from geese that have grown for a certain period of time. There is no national border. Good raw materials are good materials wherever they come from. However, if the raw materials are good, they must be processed in time and technically processed to make high-quality down.

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