Dark Jacket Filled With Grey Duck Down 50%~95% Wholesale

Short Description:

Gray duck down is generally recommended for dark down jackets or down bedding, which is very cost-effective.

The quality of down is related to the breeding environment and breeding days.

The durability and smell of gray duck down at the same price are better than conventional white duck down.

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Diameter of down:

Gray duck down


2-4 cm

Packing method:

Place of Origin:


compress 4-5 packs into a bundle

Anhui, China

Down has a larger diameter, darker color, softer, odorless, and high bulkiness

Scope of application:

Down content:

Delivery time:

pillows, cushions, mattresses and other filling materials

50%-95%(Special specification customization)

within 15 days or as agreed in the contract

Supply capacity:

Single minimum order quantity:

Storage matters:

150 tons per month

3 tons

moisture-proof, fire-proof, ventilated, cool and dry place

Reference price (FOB):

Shipping method:

Sample description:

22000-55000 US dollars / ton (actual price fluctuates according to the market)

by sea

200-500 grams can be provided free of charge (courier fee is at your own expense)

grey duck

Grey Duck Down Brief Description

1. Source
Gray duck down is a kind of duck down, mainly produced in lake ducks. The outer body of lake ducks is mainly gray and black, so the down produced is also gray and black, so it is called gray duck down, which is a natural material.
Down is divided into down and feather pieces. Down mainly refers to the piece of plush under the belly of goose or duck, and the down piece has some stalks. Down materials on the market are mainly duck down and goose down, which are divided into four varieties: white goose down, white duck down, grey duck down and black duck down.
2. Purpose
Light-colored fabrics are mainly filled with white duck down, and dark-colored down jackets are mainly made of gray duck down. There is no saying that white duck down is warmer than grey duck down. When the fabric of some down products is light in color and the number of layers of the inner liner is small, white duck down is generally used in order to avoid revealing the color of the filling. Especially for down jackets made of white fabrics, white duck down is generally used to avoid looking gray.

grey duck down pillow 1

3. Price
The price of gray duck down is cheaper than that of white duck down, because the southern part is mostly lake duck down, so the output of gray and black duck is relatively large. In addition, down jackets made of light, thin and high-permeability fabrics cannot use gray duck down, so the price will be relatively cheaper.
4. Warmth
Almost the same. In general, the quality of down does not depend on the color, but on the density of the inner structure of the down and the fineness of the down fibers. From this point of view, there is not much difference between gray duck down and white duck down. So you don't have to stress out what kind of duck down it is when you buy it.

down processing flow chart 1




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