1. What certifications has your company passed?
Our products have passed the RDS certification, meet the humanitarian requirements, and the customs EU registration has been processed.

2. What is the procurement system of your company?
We have cooperation with domestic slaughtering plants such as duck meat and goose, and the supply of goods is guaranteed. The largest down trading center in the country has specialized information management and tracking personnel to ensure stable quality and supply; the price is reasonable.

3. How long does your normal product delivery take?
According to the customer's request, and the quantity of the product, it can be delivered to the port within 3 days after the contract is signed and the standard is determined. Generally 7 to 15 days, if the order is larger, we can promise not less than 10 tons of shipments per day until the delivery is completed.

4. Do you have a minimum order quantity for your products? If yes, what is the minimum order quantity?
There is no MOQ, if you need samples, we can provide about 200 grams for free, but you need to take care of it yourself!

5. What is the total production capacity of your company?
We can currently produce 1500 tons of finely washed duck down and 500 tons of finely washed goose down per year, if necessary, we can add production lines to increase the production capacity to 3000 tons.

6. What testing equipment does your company have?
At the beginning of the company's establishment, a down and feather testing room was set up, equipped with commonly used down testing equipment. Relevant personnel have received professional knowledge training. Products are also regularly tested by international testing institutions such as IDFL.

7. What is your company's quality process?
Check and confirm all materials and details before mass production.
Track the production process from start to finish, ensuring traceability.
Batch and quality are checked again by professional inspectors before packing.
Before shipping, the warehouse manager will check the name type and standard to make sure there are no errors.

8. Are your products traceable? If so, how is it implemented?
Our products are traceable, from raw materials to loading, each package of products has a unique mark, the information covers the source of raw materials, processing records and other information.

9. Who are your products suitable for and which markets?
It is suitable for a wide range of markets, mainly used to fill down jackets, duvets and outdoor thermal products, etc., and is in demand in most parts of the world.

10. Which countries and regions are your products exported to?
Europe, the United States, Japan, Vietnam and other countries and regions.