Duck down PK goose down.


Down jackets and duvets currently on the market are mainly white duck down, grey duck down and goose down. So what is the difference between duck down and goose down?
1. Odour Contrast
Duck down has a slight oily smell, while goose down does not. We know that ducks are omnivores, whether roughage or green fodder, or insects, earthworms, fish and shrimp, etc. can be used as duck food. Due to the high fat content in food, duck down has high fat content and generally has a fishy smell. The food of geese is mainly plants, and general wild grass and aquatic plants can be eaten by geese. Therefore, there is less goose down oil and almost no odor. However, the down processed after washing should not have peculiar smell, otherwise it is an unqualified product.
2. Appearance difference
Compared to the size of down, goose down has larger and longer piles, while duck down has relatively smaller and slightly shorter piles. Goose down looks finer, duck down is rougher.


3. Fill power
We have carried out physical and chemical tests on goose down and duck down from different origins, and the down content is about 90%. The results show that the filling power of goose down is slightly higher than that of duck down, but there is little difference in thermal insulation performance and other indicators.
4. Washability
There is another important reason why down jackets are mainly made of duck down, because the clothes will be washed frequently, and duck down contains a lot of oil, so there is a down protective layer, which can maintain the elasticity of duck down and repeated washing; goose down contains less oil and cannot be washed many times. Too many washing times can easily separate the fluff from the inner core and reduce the bulkiness. Therefore, we generally recommend that goose down can be selected for the duvet, and duck down is filled in the clothes.
5. Production cycle
The growth cycle of goose down is relatively slow, and only one season can be produced a year. The growth cycle of duck down is relatively short, and it can produce three seasons a year.
6. Price Comparison
To sum up, since goose down is superior to duck down in all aspects and the output is relatively small, the price is much higher than that of duck down. At present, white duck down and gray duck down are more common in the market, and goose down is relatively rare.


Post time: Aug-10-2022