Projection recognition of down.

What is the difference between duck down and goose down? How should we choose? This article will tell you. First, let's take a look at how to project duck down and goose down. Projection recognition of down. Feather (bottom): The tubercle is relatively small, usually starting from the middle of the feather branch.


Duck feather (lower): 1-6 nodules (usually 3), near the tip of the feather branch


the tubercle is relatively larger than the goose feather (lower) tubercle


nodules and spines are seen further away


Above are the main differences between ducks and geese. We can also distinguish from the following aspects.
① nodule size and shape
Goose: acute angle


Duck: close to right angle


②.Branch diameter
Goose: thin


Duck: Thick


③.branch density
Goose: dense


Duck: Sparse


④.barb structure
Goose: Distribute the whole branch


Duck: Top of Distribution


As shown in the picture below, there are some small immature villi, no nodules, so it is impossible to distinguish.


Final determination

Identified duck feathers (down), goose feathers (down), and indistinguishable feathers (down) are placed in separate containers. Weigh and record the grammage of the substance in each container and calculate its percentage individually.
For goose feather (down) samples, the proportion of duck feather (down) should not exceed 15%. If the proportion of detected ducks exceeds 15%, the evaluation will be cancelled.
Now, let's talk about how to choose. In general, we can't generalize: in terms of process production, goose down is better than quality; Goose down is better than duck down in terms of filling weight, down content and expansion degree. However, in terms of cost performance, duck down has more competitive advantages than goose down. For example, duck down can be produced for up to three seasons a year, but goose down can only be produced for one season a year, and the amount of down produced by each goose is small. Goose breeding costs are also high, and the price is much higher than duck down, so duck down is more affordable.

Post time: Aug-10-2022